Quality Investing sheds light on the investment philosophy, process and tough lessons that have contributed to AKO Capital’s consistent outperformance over the years.

Quality Investing has sold more than 9,000 copies worldwide since it was first published in 2016. It has now been translated into Mandarin and Spanish, with Thai and Vietnamese versions in production.

In a nutshell, this book pinpoints and explains the characteristics that increase the probability of a company prospering over time – as well as those that hinder such chances. Throughout, a series of fascinating real-life case studies illustrate the attributes that signify quality, as well as some traits that flatter to deceive.


Quality Investing book cover

Praise for Quality Investing

“Investing is a continuous process of learning, and it will be a rare investor who does not glean substantive lessons from the notable AKO story of quality investing.”

Stephen Blyth, President and CEO, Harvard Management Company, Professor of the Practice of Statistics, Harvard University

“Capturing both the science and the art that have driven AKO’s success, Quality Investing is equal parts investing handbook and ode to the beauty of truly great businesses.”

Peter H. Ammon, Chief Investment Officer, University of Pennsylvania

Quality Investing, from a team of top quality investors, provides a clear and rigorous analysis of a highly successful, long-term investment strategy. In an increasingly short-term investment world, the book’s insights are likely to remain hugely valuable.”

Neil Ostrer, Founder, Marathon Asset Management

About the authors

Lawrence A. Cunningham has written a dozen books, including The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America, published in successive editions since 1996 in collaboration with the legendary Mr. Buffett. A popular professor at George Washington University, Cunningham also lectures widely, delivering as many as fifty lectures annually to a wide variety of academic, business and investing groups.

Torkell Eide was a portfolio manager of the AKO Global Fund with Patrick. He re-joined AKO Capital in September 2013 from SKAGEN Funds in Norway, where he spent four years as a portfolio manager on a global equity fund. Prior to that Torkell had already worked for three years at AKO Capital as an investment analyst. He has also been a management consultant with McKinsey and Company in the corporate finance practice.

Patrick Hargreaves is AKO Capital’s CEO and also acts as portfolio manager on the AKO Global Fund. Before joining the firm in May 2011, Patrick had spent 8 years at Goldman Sachs where, from 2009 onwards, he was a member of the three-person team leading a department of 160 equity analysts. Prior to this he had been head of Goldman’s pan-European small- & mid-cap research team. Patrick personally covered stocks across the capital goods, retail and leisure sectors.