AKO business principles are based on the commitment we have made to our investors to generate the best possible risk-adjusted returns our investment philosophy permits. Our investors’ interests always come first.

Long-term thinking

We believe that long-term thinking is critical to our success and also a key differentiator in the way we approach investing.

When investing in great companies the best outcome is achieved by having a long investment horizon. We pride ourselves in having investors and an organization that share this view. The shared perspective on long-term thinking of all stakeholders has helped us manage periods with high short-term volatility.


We believe any long-term relationship must be based on full transparency. We are very open to our investors about what we do, why we do it and what the outcome is – good or bad. Through our monthly newsletters and AKO Transparency Platform we provide full transparency on performance and outline our investment cases. Our organization and office has been set up to ensure full transparency on internal information flows.

Commitment to people

We believe that a commitment to people is paramount to success as the strength of our results in the long run will reflect the strength of our team.

We are proud to have attracted and retained a team of extremely talented individuals who are all long-term thinkers. We believe that a team-oriented, harmonious working environment, where people can develop and grow both personally and professionally, is critical to ensuring we succeed in future.

Continuous improvement

We believe continuous improvement is necessary for our organization to continue to deliver strong results.

A long-term focus should never come in the way of a short-term urgency to improve in everything we do. We rigorously evaluate both our achievements and mistakes to improve the outcome of our decisions. We always look to refine our research process by drawing on a wide array of disciplines and fields.

Responsible investing

We believe that only by consistently dealing fairly with all their stakeholders can our companies safeguard the high returns we seek in our investments. As a result we aim to incorporate environmental, social and corporate governance in our investment approach in order to safeguard the interests of our clients.

AKO Capital is a signatory of the United Nations supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI). For more details about the UNPRI and the investment principles please visit: www.unpri.org.

Download here: AKO Capital ESG Policy